What we do

We help small, mid-size, startup companies to focus on business side of their products while we take care of technology.

UI/UX Design

The reason you go to your favorite bar isn’t because of the low prices or convenient location; you go there because of the overall experience. We take that same approach with the websites we create. We focus on overall usability, ease of use...

Web Development

Whether it’s an online store, a marketing site, a landing page, or anything in between—Notch’s expert business analysts and designers can identify exactly how to tailor your site to meet your short- and long-term business goals.


Is your website’s branding inconsistent or intangible? Your website is the key to a good first impression. Without a cohesive brand identity, your website might not be up to the task. That’s why branding is crucial to designing an effective website.

Digital marketing

We create and execute digital marketing campaigns that drive leads and boost sales. We are seasoned online marketers. We help design and implement digital marketing campaigns that generate leads that convert to sales.

Graphics Design

How will user interact with the design? What is the website asking them to do? Using design as a strategic tool, we help business owners and managers envision and create memorable brand experiences that engage and influence positive user behavior.


At Notch, we commitment to your project never falters, even after a solution is fully engineered. We offer a range of launch and implementation services, from meticulous code review and final testing to maintenance through a team dedicated to supporting.